Steps To Remodel Your Basement

Having a refinished custom basement can add a whole new feeling to a house. We here at R.E. Ziegler Remodeling & Construction offer quality services to custom remake your basement. We will work closely with you to ensure your vision matches how the room ultimately comes out. There are a few steps when planning any basement project. 

Steps To Follow

First, you must find some inspiration and design a plan. This can be as simple or complicated as you chose. The best course of action is to simply peruse through the internet. Look at pictures of other basements remodeling jobs to see what you like or dislike about it. When looking, perhaps also budget your plans early on. Know what you want to spend, this way you know how lavishly decorated the basement should be. And budgeting your plans will also help once you contact a contractor. This will give them an idea about what materials to use.

Once you have it planned and designed, you must then check to see if you need any permits or inspections. This can be complicated, but contacting your town about zoning restrictions might be the easiest place to start to find out this information. Once you understand your zoning and permit information, you can go ahead and prepare the basement as needed. This entails such intricacies as waterproofing, repair work, frame, plumbing and electrical wiring. Having quality inspections can help aid this process and give you an understanding of what needs to be updated and repaired and what can stay.

Then, when those issues are remedied and finished, you can move on to the room itself and how it looks. This is where you install the drywall and finish the woodwork. Once that is done, then the painting, staining and flooring can be done. Since you have this planned out, you should know how you want the room designed. Gather the paints and primers for the room and get painting. The last, and perhaps best part of remodeling a basement is furnishing it. Fill the room with whatever you want. You can place comfortable sofas, maybe a giants tv. Or maybe you did this as a play room for your kids. Whatever the reason, have it be what you want and desire in your basement.

We ensure that the safest methods are taken to prevent future harm or illness to you and your family. This includes radon inspections. If you want to remodel your basement and have questions about getting started, please call or email us today.