Home Remodeling Pennsylvania

It’s never too late to start thinking about a home addition or a full home remodeling in Pennsylvania. But you want to be sure that the job is done correctly. If there are pitfalls, your home could wind up decreasing in value for re-sale.

If you are new to home construction, never hire the first company that comes along. Like most products and services that are costly, it only makes sense to read testimonials and compare prices. This does not, however, always tell the entire story. There are indeed crooks and scam artists, so be sure to research for any past records of criminal activity involved in home additions.

Home Remodeling Pennsylvania

It’s a good signal when a contractor is part of an official, recognized organization. R.E. Ziegler Remodeling and Construction is a member of several respected groups. This includes the Lebanon County Builders Association for which Rich Ziegler served as a president and director.

Further credentials of the company include membership in the Pennsylvania Builders Association, the National Association of Home Builders and the Lebanon Valley Chamber of Commerce.

Speak to R.E. Ziegler about your ideas for an addition to your home. Our involvement in local and national trade organizations, along with decades of remodeling experience, is proof of our reliance.

Home remodeling suggestions

While the full experience of the renovation comes after completion, it is a helpful strategy to choose all the specifics of the job prior to the start of construction. Be sure that the details are in place. Speak with your Pennsylvania contractor for guidance on any potential issues that may occur in the building process. We want the remodeling process to go as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Once the remodeling plan has been established and the time for construction has arrived, the contractor needs to focus on the job ahead of them. This means that obstacles or disturbances should be avoided, as this could likely slow them down. Just like at any construction site, it can be dangerous for children and pets to be playing nearby. You never know what kids are curious about and we certainly don’t want this to be a time to learn about hazardous machinery and power tools. Just like in any relationship, communication is key. Have a substantial discussion with your family about exactly where, when and how the remodeling work will take place. We want the job to be finished as efficiently as possible in order to once again allow you complete access to your home.

Simple tasks for homeowners

While home remodeling is a job for the experts, here are some things that you can look after on your own.

Attic insulation

Check insulation, in particular in the attic. You may not want to investigate this part of the house, but putting in the effort will conserve energy and money in the long run. Unless you live near the Canadian border, approximately six inches of insulation should be present.

Ceiling fans

Fans seem simple, but they provide many useful benefits. Permanent ceiling fans in particular not only prevent stagnant air. They also allow for small adjustments on your thermostat if used properly. The appliance requires very low wattage when used in the summer (spinning counterclockwise) or winter (moving clockwise) for circulating warm air throughout the room.

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