Keep Your Basement Safe

A lot of planning needs to go in the remodeling of your basement. On top of the planning, there are also safety issues that can be looked at. Here are a few things of what to look for:

  • Downspouts
  • Grading
  • Dampness & Mold
  • Window Wells
  • Sump Pump
  • Pests
  • Duct work & Pipes
  • Support Beams and Columns¬†
  • Radon

If you are looking to renovate or remodel a basement, having a professional come and inspect the property is highly recommended. There are many aspects to consider and a lot to look out for, as seen by the list above. You can be thorough, but remodeling basements and inspecting homes is not your profession. To ensure everything is safe and in working order, get an inspection. Once the inspection is completed, then you can move onto planning your new basement.

Protect Your Foundation

Downspouts are a critical aspect to protecting the foundation of any home. Proper positioning of your gutters and downspouts will help to lead the water away from the foundation of your home. Water needs to be diverted at least five feet away from your foundation, otherwise it could pool around your home and cause significant damage.

If you're having issues with your foundation and it is not your downspouts, then perhaps it is the grading. Check to make sure the grading of the ground by your foundation slopes away from your home. The grade of the ground should fall a minimum of 6 inches over the first ten feet from your home. That is the safest distance to ensure that water does not build up and ruin the foundation of your home.

Window wells that are below grade should have window wells installed on the outside. All sorts of issues can arise if your window wells become clogged, including leaks and insect infestations.

Dampness and Mold

If you fail to properly place your downspouts, other issues can arise as well. Dampness and mold can become big problems in no time.They can show up as dark areas on walls, floors, or even storage boxes. 

Damp areas are also perfect breeding grounds for pests and insects. In particular, look for signs of droppings along the basement walls where the framing of the home sits. It is one thing to have a leak or mold and quite another to be infested with insects.